Australia is a wildly popular travel destination. And for most weary travellers, what’s first and foremost on your mind after a long day’s journey? Eating!

Sydney is Australia’s largest city. It’s definitely got the hustle of a bustling metropolis but it’s infused with a beachy vibe. Find its eternal youth in its up-and-coming cafes and breakfast spots.

matcha latte Anthony S Casey


Quench your hunger and taste wonderful Australian cuisine with meals from these favorite spots.

Dr. Faustus

380 Cleveland St, Surry Hills

Faust may be the man who sold his soul to the devil – you just might find yourself giving yours away in exchange for delicious cereal milk interpretations and eggs – from five different birds.  Try the Welsh rarebit with a bit of aged cheddar, a gently fried egg on top and Worcestershire sauce on the side. The taco salad also can’t be missed!  The whole ambiance is whimsical, yet calculated.



4 Pitt St, Redfern 

Everything you’ve ever known about breakfast is about to be wrecked by Oratnek’s Japanese infusions. The meat on the katsu sandwich is bigger than the slices of bread – it has touches of American-style comfort food, with sweet mustard and sides like the stuffed chicken wing. The building itself is beautiful even if you don’t love all of the items on the menu. If you’re not feeling adventure, stick with the beverages and desserts – the matcha lamington (traditional Australian sponge cake, coated with smokey yet sweet green tea flavored cream) will certainly delight.


Abattoir Blues

Herb Elliott Ave, Sydney Olympic Park 

Abattoir Blues might be one of the hippest places in Sydney. Located in a historic 1900s slaughterhouse on Dawn Fraser Avenue, this chic, minimal delicatessen serves up classic breakfast sandwiches and burgers to Australia’s finest diners. The cheeseburger is so good, the restaurant claims that they often sell two hundred of them in two hours!

Cafe Giulia

92 Abercrombie St Chippendale

Everyone loves this place!  Not only do they serve breakfast all day, the café is fully licensed to serve alcohol and accepts all credit cards. It’s a hotspot for locals and travellers alike. Their eggs come pretty much any way you want them, with a selection of sides ranging from avocado, baked beans, to waffles and haloumi. It’s situated in a surprisingly airy 100 year old butcher shop.