Anthony S Casey is the investment manager at Football Finance Note, whose alternative asset strategy was recently featured on Bloomberg News.

Anthony S Casey targets a 6% return in a low-yield environment. The fund is simple, for reason. The football clubs require money in advance before the television check. The fee in converted into a coupon, traded on the Frankfurt Exchange. The world loves the game of football. It is increasing in popularity world wide. The minimum is low, at $250,000 dollars; accessible for investors.  It’s the first of its kind in the world right now in U.S. dollars. Broadcasting rights are uncorrelated to the market. Although many football teams are privy to scandals, the English teams are privy from that and are rising in popularity.

This April, two new deals were signed with the Football Clubs, helping to further diversify the deal flow and contract type. New investors from around the world committed their capital, including Family Offices in Europe and a well-known prominent investor in Singapore. With the fairy-tale of Thai-owned Leicester City winning the EPL, coming true, Football Finance Note is expecting even more interest across Asia on FFN. This has proved great timing for our launch in Bangkok from 18-20th May. With Leicester City reportedly being purchased for GBP40m and now collecting a TV rights payment of some GBP 93m this season, and at least the same again for next season, it goes to show that there are some very lucrative trades to be done in the World of Football!

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Anthony S Casey

Anthony S Casey was recently featured on Bloomberg to discuss Football Finance Note.