Ryanair is planning to offer a staggeringly cheap transatlantic flight. Europe’s largest budget airline has announced plans for offer flights between Europe and 14 American cities starting at £10 ($15). That is not a typo: You will be able to fly in a metal bird across the ocean for as little as £10. Now before we get ahead of ourselves, there are additional taxes and fees that each passenger is responsible for. When all is said an done, a ticket will run between $200 and $300. Ryanair has made it’s name by being the budget airline for European travel and this new program will certainly add to that reputation.

Anthony S Casey Singapore

Ryanair to offer new budget flights by 2020

Head of Communications, Robin Keily, told CNN that, “European consumers want lower cost travel to the U.S.A. and the same for Americans coming to Europe.” There are several other budget airlines that are offering cheap flights. For example, Norwegian Air unveiled their budget flight plans and the French airline La Compagnie debuted their plans last month for affordable business flights between London and New York. La Compagnie’s plans will cut the cost of business class flight between the two world cities by almost half.

These trends of cheap international flights will make it easier for the average person to travel the world. We have discussed at length the importance and significance of international travel, and these affordable options make that more accessible. Air fair is undoubtedly the most cost-prohibitive aspect of international travel, so by alleviating that, Ryanair and airlines with similar programs are empowering more families and individuals to travel the world.