Singapore is a global city off the coast of southern Malaysia. Not only is it home to huge influencers in the finance world, its population of 5.4 million is  one the most multicultural in the world. It is consistently ranked as Asia’s most influential city, with a fierce business sector and rapidly growing economy. Such a prosperous and educated society is also conscious of their privilege and need to take care of those less fortunate then them.  Anthony S. Casey would like to highlight some of the organizations that aspire to make the lives better for everyone in Singapore.


Autism Resource Centre

How can we afford young people with developmental disabilities the same opportunities and experiences as their peers? The Autism Research Centre of Singapore helps educate people about autism, their mission being, “help individuals with an autism spectrum disorder maximise their potential in life through advocacy and provision of services in education, employment and empowering of family caregivers / professionals.” Established in 2000,  the charity has become both in establishing real change for individuals and in fundraising.

The Autism Resource Centre established The Pathlight School, the first autism-focused school, in 2004 and they now serve over 1000 students. They offer both mainstream academics and essential life skills.

The organization hosts events to shed light on the topic and attract fundraisers.

Dance Spectrum International is one of these events and it has even become an annual tradition. In 2014, they performed a Christmas show  that raised $132,602 towards supporting the Pathlight School Building Fund. In 2015 the Dance Spectrum Institute (DSI), hosted a “Concert of Hope” at the Republic Cultural Centre, Singapore.  All donations went to the Employability and Employment Centre at the Autism Resource Centre.

For more on the Autism research center, and to see how you can contribute, please see

Pimp My TukTuk

This organization works a bit like a charitable Nascar race; everyone puts their support behind a vehicle and driver, and then the race is on! Drivers take their TukTuk around a country or city (in 2015, Sri Lanka was chosen) in the name of a specified cause.  The driver’s tour is dedicated to those who are less privileged and support grows from sponsors. The Sri Lanka tour was dedicated to two causes: Foundation of Goodness in Sri Lanka and Food from the Heart in Singapore. Foundation of Goodness is committed to improving the lives of thousands of people, especially through educational and medical outreach. Food from the Heart strives to bridge the gap between hunger and food waste in a prosperous country through an efficient food-distribution program.

Singapore Children’s Society

The Children’s Society was founded in 1952 with the intention of looking out for needs of children of all races and religions, concerned especially for the emotional and physical needs of disadvantaged youth. Not only does the group intervene in school issues like bullying and moral development, the group supports sociological research efforts that help us understand childhood, adolescence and parenting.  One popular program in Project CABIN, where mentors facilitate a supportive environment for children to spend time after school hours, enjoying activities such as internet access, board games, and group activitives. In November 2014 ,a total of $1.14 million was raised at the Singapore Children’s Society’s Charity Gala Dinner at The Ritz-Carlton.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a multitude of impressive organization at work in Singapore, many which can be found at the index of registered charities here: