Anthony S Casey recently replied to a Quora answer, “Can I Travel For Two Weeks With Only A Carry-on?

Year ago, Anthony left everything he knew and left the familiar, cozy, home-sweet-home of the United Kingdom to travel around the world. He brought just one duffel bag! Everything else? Who needs it? He left it behind him and prepared for new shores.

Not only is there mobility to packing light, it is mentally freeing. Anthony S Casey started off with two pairs of trousers, a few shirts, and most importantly, clean socks and undergarments. The latter are obviously of the most important object to pack even when traveling extremely light. You want to be hygienic and comfortable. Then just bring some pack items for basic hygiene. Consider body soap, chargers, a first-aid pack, toothbrush, a towel (shout out to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – towels are actually really helpful to have on hand when traveling!) and a small reusable water bottle.

You are a human animal. What do other mammals bring in the wilderness? Not much. Just the basics, if even. You can always find what you need provided from the people around you, further, as an advanced civilization, you can almost always purchase things you need on the road. When packing your suitcase, take a moment to visualize your anticipated day-to-day lifestyle. What products will you use? What do you actually need? Leave the material attachments behind and open your mind to embrace the adventure.
With just the basics on his back, Anthony S Casey trekked down the way to Tenerife, the luxurious island in Spain’s Canary Islands. Anthony found flexible work the crew of a yacht. He then ventured across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, eventually criss crossing around  the world to his current home of Singapore.

All of this was made possible through freedom of material possessions and packing light. So pack light!  Let these things go and embrace the adventure of life.

Now, I live in Singapore, but I still get to travel to wonderful locations, such as the beaches in Australia and Hawaii. And I always pack light!