More and more, people are seeking alternative forms of employment that allow them more flexibility and free time. Gone are the days of standard 9 to 5 jobs and instead, people are embracing freelance opportunities or working more than one job at a time to allow variation in the days. Even more popular are jobs that allow you to travel. If you’re sick of working behind a desk every day and you would love to find a line of work that will better position you to explore, here are few jobs you could take up to guide you in the right direction:

  1. Freelance Writer or Photographer: How many times have you flipped through National Geographic in complete awe, mesmerized by top of the line photography followed by and equally tantalizing article? While you may not be the next Steve McCurry, freelance writing or photography will at least allow you to travel from city to city. Pay can be sporadic and dependent upon assignments, but if you work hard, you can quickly climb the ranks.


  2. Travel Nurse: If you’re already a Registered Nurse, this may be a great opportunity to see outside of your own hospital or clinic’s walls. Pay and benefits are great for RNs specializing in physical therapy, speech language, dialysis, or radiology.
  3. English Second Language (ESL) Teacher: There are hundreds of programs looking to train and place qualified ESL teachers all over the world. Many will even pay for your TEFL/TESL certification. Popular countries include: Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and plenty of cities in Europe, and South and Central America. Furthermore, once you’ve done the difficult part of entering a country in East Asian or Europe, it’s exponentially easier to travel to other countries for very low costs.
  4. Cruise Ship Work: Working on a cruise is not only rewarding, but also builds character. Ships are always looking for waitstaff, chefs, line cooks, bartenders, diving instructors, and many other hospitality related positions. If you already have experience in the hospitality industry, working on a cruise ship is a great way to see an island or two.


  5. Yacht Crew Member: If you know a bit about boats but aren’t interested in joining the Navy or being a part of a large cruise ship, joining a yacht crew instead could be the way to go. Boat owners are always looking for crew members to help them sail between exotic islands.
  6. Au Pair: Although this is essentially the same thing as being a nanny or babysitter, many au pairs work for wealthy families who can afford to provide separate living quarters and gourmet meals for the au pair. If you’re familiar with children and you’ve worked with them in the past, definitely consider working as an au pair. Many European countries hire au pairs.
  7. Peace Corps Volunteer: Looking to travel and do some good at the same time? Join the Peace Corps! They are always searching for participants, and while the pay isn’t much and it’s typically a two year commitment, the feeling of caring for others and spreading love make up for it. Check out the official Peace Corps website to see which areas of the world are in need.
  8. Flight Attendant: From what I’ve heard, being a flight attendant is one of the best ways to travel for next to nothing. In the beginning, your schedule may not be the best, however after a year or two, salaries increase as well as schedule flexibility and destination.
  9. Translator or Interpreter: If you can speak another language, definitely consider a career in translation. Interpreters handle spoken language and translators deal with the written. If you have fluent or native foreign language proficiency, becoming an interpreter or translator will enable you to see far more than just your back yard. Foreign language skills also enable you to work as a tour guide or diplomat depending on your level of education.


  10. Tour Guide: As mentioned before, if you’re well versed in a foreign language, being a tour guide will be an easy sell. If you’ve traveled to one country or another and found somewhere you truly love, becoming a tour guide can help others fall in love with your city as well.

If you look around, the opportunities are there. All it takes it a bit of creativity and the willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. Good luck!