I love a good Guiness. It was first brewed in the 18th century by Arthur Guinness. Guinness is so popular, but its does take an acquired taste for anyone to drink a full pint of the heavy drink with its thick head and dark liquid. There is a lot more to Ireland and drinking in pubs than just drink and traditional food. Pubs in Ireland are often welcoming to weary travelers. You may also find Irish music enthusiasts having a gig!


I miss drinking in the UK. Pubs are a great part of culture that I seek out wherever I go. When I travel I meet new friends in bars, restaurants, and clubs. Nightlife is the soul of traveling. So when I go back to the UK, I like to find the coolest pubs to check out. Here are what I think are the coolest pubs in Ireland!

  1. Grogan’s
    Get a real taste of Dublin life at Grogan’s. Park yourelf outside and watch the cool hipsters go on Castle Market. The drink selection isn’t even that fantastic but it’s a great place to be on an evening out.
  2. The Living Room
    I love the Living Room in Dublin. It’s the city’s biggest beer garden and sports bar. A hidden getaway, not far from some of Dublin’s biggest tourist traps, it’s a great place to bring friends and family visiting.
  3. Seans Bar

In Westmeath find the historic Sean’s bar, a 1000-year-old watering hole with live music and historical objects. Tucked by a riverside garden, a few pints of red ale and you’ll be here for hours chatting and exploring the wondrous place.

4. Flannery’s Bar Limerick

Flannery’s is a great venue with large bar downstairs, as a small little bar with separate entrance from the front. There is plenty of seating and the staff is wonderful!

5. Sophie’s

Sophie’s in Dublin attracts the best of the best. It’s a restaurant, a nightclub, and a bar, and it’s great for many reasons. There’s a cool terrace overlooking the city’s most famous strip of nightclubs and an indoor bar offering a panoramic view of the city.

6. O Riada’s

In Kilkenny, this joint is a little maze but a community favorite.  The Guinness is exceptional and it’s worth pushing through the crowd.

You can’t go wrong with any of these choices! Follow me, Anthony S Casey Singapore, on Twitter and Instagram.