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Have you been craving a change? If you desire a radical change in your life, you probably are suffering from something known as wanderlust. Did you know that wanderlust can be cured? At least for me, when I was young and traveling the world, the feeling that I was stuck living the same boring life was broken once I got the guts to just get out there and travel. You can do it too.



Stop using the same old excuses. “But I just signed a lease on a new apartment!” “But it’ll damage my career!” “But I should save money for the future, not squander it all for one big trip!” The experience you gain while traveling will make you into a better person for the long run. It will improve your understanding of the world, thus impacting how you will able to make decisions as you age. Yes, saving money for retirement is essential, but spending money on critical life experiences is also fundamental to human development.

Anthony S Casey Singapore Go Travel the World 2

One major reason to travel is that you’re not getting any YOUNGER! Traveling involves lots of walking, late nights, and sometimes stress involved when things just don’t go right. When you’re younger, you’re probably a little more patient and your body is more capable to deal with the kinds of stress running around cities and villages induces. Plus, partying and socializing is often a major component of exploring new places. It’s often more natural to engage in these social situations as a young person.

Anthony S Casey Singapore Says Go Travel the World 3

Are you willing to be inspired by the world and take it all in? You may discover things you never knew about yourself.

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Traveling encourages looking at yourself in a sort of mirror. You may be in a city that feels similar to your own, but everything is a little different. How do you act? What excites you or scares you?

Anthony S Casey Singapore Says Go Travel the World 5Embrace the adventure of travel. Even just spending a few weeks in one country will educate you. Travel is growth. Be inspired and be fearless. Get traveling today!


Anthony S Casey lives in Singapore but traveled the world when he worked on a boat, years ago after he graduated from school. Read more on and Twitter.