When Apple announced the design for the iPhone 7, the internet erupted in dispute over the silly appearance of the wireless earbuds. Cyborg generation here we come!

But the earbud qualm didn’t stop millions of people from buying the latest model of iPhones this week. Especially in Singapore, ordinary users and tech leaders alike have been thirsting to get their hands on the upcoming iPhone 7. It is one of the most appealing markets for this smartphone where sales exponentially grow with each new model.

In Singapore, with the the hype around the iPhone escalating, fans set up tents to camp out and bid to be the one of the first few to get their hands on handsets.  Everything had its proper order here, though; there were less queues compared to Hong Kong and China because major telcos promise that all pre-order customers receive a phone. IT architect Wellson Lee, 38, was heading for the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre and was the very first iPhone 7 customer.

The iPhone 7’s notable camera, battery and water resistance improvements are a worthwhile upgrades to a familiar phone design, but ask yourself if you really need an upgrade…and if the Plus might be a better choice.


It’s difficult to predict if people will start trading in their old phones for this one. People are hesitant of the changes; but clearly not stubborn enough to stop them from camping out to be first in line! It’s a worthwhile upgrade. As we’ve seen from Apple before, their products set progress in motion. It makes sense that people line up to hold these status symbols in their hands.


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