Western Australia

Anthony S Casey in Perth

Western Australia has plenty to offer – check out the latest from Anthony S Casey’s latest trip.

Australia is an amazing place. Anthony S Casey ventured from Singapore with Bernice and his son to rest on the beautiful beaches. Anthony treated himself to beautiful morning runs around pristine lakes and delicious meals at Lamont’s at Smith’s Beach. He was visited by the birds and Bobtail lizards. The Boatshed restaurant with its finely aged beef, a traditional method for great steak, was definitely a highlight. What a great trip!

The Coolest Pubs in Ireland

I love a good Guiness. It was first brewed in the 18th century by Arthur Guinness. Guinness is so popular, but its does take an acquired taste for anyone to drink a full pint of the heavy drink with its thick head and dark liquid. There is a lot more to Ireland and...

Anthony S Casey and EPL legends

Anthony S Casey was thrilled to host EPL legends Teddy Sheringham, Steve McManaman, Darren Anderton and David James over the weekend in Singapore when they played a friendly game against Germany. This November, The Battle of Europe 2016 produced the same final score...

Where To Spend Winter In Southeast Asia

The Earth is round and seasons vary around the globe. So if you’ve got Southeast Asia on the mind, what highlights should you pursue? Where should you spend your winter in Southeast Asia? Thailand is a great place to begin your journey. You might want to start...