Western Australia

Anthony S Casey in Perth

Western Australia has plenty to offer – check out the latest from Anthony S Casey’s latest trip.

Australia is an amazing place. Anthony S Casey ventured from Singapore with Bernice and his son to rest on the beautiful beaches. Anthony treated himself to beautiful morning runs around pristine lakes and delicious meals at Lamont’s at Smith’s Beach. He was visited by the birds and Bobtail lizards. The Boatshed restaurant with its finely aged beef, a traditional method for great steak, was definitely a highlight. What a great trip!

Singapore’s Popular Sports

Singaporeans enjoy recreational sports just as much as the rest of the world. From motorsports to waterskiing, both indoor and outdoor sports are screamingly popular. Because Singapore is an island surrounded by the ocean, water activities are extremely attractive to...

Changi Naval Base, Singapore

I was invited to the Changi Naval Base in Singapore! The Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. of the United States of America and Commander, United States Third Fleet requested the pleasure of my company for a reception for the Carrier Strike Group ONE’s visit to...

Coldplay Concert Experience 2017

Below, find some images and videos from a recent Coldplay concert! Incredible friends and music –I had a splendid time. The concert took place at the National Stadium in Singapore on March 31. The band played everything from ‘A Head Full of Dreams’...