There are just about thirty days left until the English Football Season kicks off. Are football fans ready? Further, are investors ready?

There has been plenty of action in the transfer market. Klopp has pledged his future to Liverpool, Mourinho has signed his 3rd player to Manchester United (will Paul Pogba be his 4th?) and Lionel Messi’s transition still under heated negotiation.

Everybody is still guessing, all eyes were glued on the exciting Euro cup final, with the hosts France defeated by a Ronaldo-less Portugal!

Anthony S Casey is very pleased to share the latest monthly performance update from Football Finance Note.

Let’s consider June our “Lift Off” month for FFN. The NAV price rose to 1004.87 and our first Institutional money was received. This took the tally of Private Banks subscribing into FFN to six and AUM across all classes, amounting to about USD40m.

The Summer Transfer Window is well underway so most clubs have are in a big funding phase. This equates to a profitable flow for FFN.

Astute USD investors buying FFN have been benefitting from the currency arbitrage that has opened up by a weaker pound sterling, now at a 31 year low. Contracts with the football clubs are at a 10-15% better value.

Plus, if you’ve been following Brexit, you may be aware of some shifts in the global economy. Brexit has presented a short term opportunity for FFN, as now clubs are having to find an unplanned additional 10 – 15% for Euro and USD player purchases when funding with GBP. Some banks have also exited more unusual funding sources, that FFN has come to fill.  Football financing with BREXIT uncertainties leaving a gap in the market perfectly suited for FFN.

Football is above most BREXIT anxieties. Football is bigger than Europe. While the European game is hugely influential,  football is a truly international sport. It is a global game and we are a global village, so business as usual for at least the next few years, with the security of some GBP 8b in broadcasting income until 2019.

With the start of the new EPL season almost upon us, it is looking like the best season yet with new, no-nonsense coaches.

Guardiola, Mourinho, and Conte forging ahead to make influence their players and teams. And newly promoted sides Middlesbrough, Hull City, and Burnley looking to repeat the miracle of Leicester City.

Watch the short video clip about Football Financing Note for more info.

With Best Regards,

Anthony S Casey Singapore

Football Finance Note