Anthony S Casey

Now happily residing in Singapore with his family, Anthony S. Casey has gained his illustrious experience from a life-long commitment to travel. After finishing Grammar school at the prestigious Chatham House, Casey had the urge to see the world. His curiosity was peaked by a book called Work Your Way Around the World by Susan Griffith. The book details ways to sustainably travel the world by finding temporary work in various industries. Hundreds of first-hand accounts fill the book, as well as details about seasonal work opportunities and ways to travel for free by land and air. Casey read the book in 1993 and was electrified by the idea of traveling around the world. What followed was a professional and personal life filled with new locations, experiences, and perspectives.

Anthony S Casey

Anthony S Casey and the crew of the yacht that first took him around the world

After encountering that remarkable book and resource, Casey deferred entry into University and set off for Tenerife, the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa. Tenerife has an area of only around 2,000 square kilometres, but is visited annually by around 5 million tourists. There, Anthony S. Casey found work on a racing yacht that traveled across the Atlantic Ocean in the ARC race. The 54-foot yacht made stops all along its voyage, including most of the Caribbean islands. After working aboard the yacht, Casey found himself in Miami, Florida in the United States. In Miami, Casey found success working as an events coordinator in the burgeoning dance music industry. House music is the forerunner to the wildly popular electric dance music (EDM) we know today. Miami has always had a reputation as a party hotspot, and Casey correctly estimated he could contribute to that reputation.

While in Miami, Anthony S. Casey’s adventurous spirit took him to yet another part of the world. While in Miami, Casey met a beautiful young heiress and moved back with her to her hometown in Germany. Being back in Europe allowed Casey to tap into the house music scene developing in Europe. He began traveling to Ibiza, Spain, to seek out opportunities in the house music industry. Hundreds of thousands of party-goers pour into Ibiza every year to attend the world famous super clubs. In Ibiza, with a business partner, Anthony S. Casey founded Raveco. Raveco specialized in facilitating the VIP experience for its clients. The success of Raveco demanded, even more, travel of Casey. He was able to make the most of the contacts he made earlier in his travels and work at events in Tenerife and Miami. Raveco would go on to contribute to events in Frankfurt, Germany and Cape Town in South Africa. At its peak, Raveco was supplying thousands of VIP tickets every night to clients in 5 countries.

Anthony S Casey golfing in Singapore

Anthony S Casey golfing in Singapore

In 1996, Anthony S. Casey sold his share of the company to his business partner and moved back to UK. While back in England, Casey began his career in the financial sector. While maybe not as posh as VIP lounges with famous DJs and celebrities, working in finance provided opportunities for traveling. He was recruited to the UK Channel Island of Jersey to work with HSBC in their Far East Investment Services division. Jersey is an island in possession of the British Crown off the coast of Normandy, France. Casey spent two years on Jersey, gaining a valuable education in offshore banking.

By October 2002, Casey’s diligence was rewarded with a secondment to Singapore, in the International Banking Centre of HSBC. He was tasked with helping establish a new portfolio management division for HSBC. Singapore became home for Casey. After relocating in 2002, Casey got married and started a family. Though his family vacationed regularly, Singapore was truly home.

Now the Casey family are splitting their time between Spain, Singapore, England and Australia. Anthony S. Casey wants his son to experience the wide world as he did. A worldly view is crucial to the knowledge, understanding, and conscientiousness that makes productive citizens of the world. Travel has sculpted Anthony S. Casey into the successful businessman he is today and it all started with reading a simple book. Thanks in part to the words of Susan Griffith, Anthony S. Casey truly has worked his way around the world.

Anthony’s latest venture is maybe the most exciting and certainly the most innovative. In early 2016, Anthony founded Football Finance Note, as a subsidiary of Swiss-Asia Financial Services. Acknowledging the market’s interest in alternative funds, Anthony and his partners at Swiss-Asia wanted to create an investment opportunity that wasn’t strictly correlated to the market, but rather to an industry with an almost assured growth rate. As an Englishmen, football was the logical answer. Anthony has been a football fan his entire life and is excited to engage in the beautiful game in this capacity. Not everyone can make it to the pitch as a player, but with Football Finance Note, investors can have a stake in the world’s most popular sport with the world’s most recognizable clubs.

It is estimated that 1 billion people follow football from the United Kingdom, and with the extremely lucrative broadcast deals (currently secured through 2019), investors can build assets with confidence. Football Finance Note was listed on the Frankfurt Exchange in January of 2016 and was registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore in April of the same year. FFN offers investors a first of its kind opportunity. FFN invests USD in top-tier English football clubs and is targeting a 6.5% yield in their first year. Their investments are secured by TV deals and the recession-proof revenue streams of English football. Accredited and professional investors can join for an accessible $250,000 USD. Compare that to the massive transfer fees and salaries we hear about with the league’s big stars, and the attractiveness of this fund is clear.

Football Finance Note is offering the most innovative alternative investment opportunities, totally uncorrelated from other markets. To learn more about how to get involved, contact Anthony S Casey on Linkedin.